[email protected] 3 - Does your company have Passion?

The 2nd Foundation of a Healthy Business is its Passion!  More than merely profits, our Passion is an intense, driving, even overwhelming feeling that when intentionally harnessed and directed, will bear consistent offspring:

Profits, People and other Businesses.

I believe a business has a lot more responsibility than to just make a profit.  The news is full of stories of corporate greed, globalization and heartlessness all in pursuit of the almighty dollar. 

However, profit is not a 4 letter word. It is critical, not as critical as cash, but that’s for another article. Without profits, it is impossible for a business to be sustainable.  For me, the Passion Foundation looks at generating 3 different types of “profit” 

Profit = Money, that’s easy enough.  Profits = People, however indicates the team’s commitment to each other. To their ultimate success.  Profits = Other businesses is also a powerful measure of its commitment to its customers and vendors.  

I believe that Marcus Buckingham embodies that Spirit so well when he says

 “My hope and dream is that you find a life in which you get to express the unique spirit that is You, in the most intelligent, most contributive, most meaningful way possible."  

My hope and dream is that the Groove Enhancers Leadership Academy will help train leaders around the world who embody that passion with everyone it honors them to serve from their team to their customers, vendors and the surrounding community.

If a business is suffering from impotence, it may struggle to generate profits, the team culture will be anything other than jingle bells and they will have frustrated customers, vendors and neighbors.  No one will enjoy the experience regardless of how much cash it generates. 

Conversely when a business is blessed with high fertility, it is creating raving fans everywhere.  Current employees are challenged and rewarded appropriately with opportunities to outgrow the business and move on.  They leave with blessings from the business, as they go to spread the same sense of Passion and leadership at their next stop.  Customers and vendors are also blessed with new opportunities for growth that would not have been possible without the relationship with the healthy business. 

HOW IS YOUR PASSION?  Here are a few signs I have identified to indicate the overall health of this Foundation.

Signs your Passion is alive and healthy

  • Team feels in "flow," a driving engagement at work
  • Business is fertile. Profits are strong, predictable and consistent.
  • Other businesses - customers and vendors - are growing as well
  • The ability to have fun at work, without feeling guilty
  • A sense of surrender and no need to be in control
  • A strong connection to others and clear boundaries
  • Freedom to express healthy emotions, have crucial conversations.

Signs your Passion is sick & dying

  • Organizational impotence, the inability to create offspring or profits
  • Team is out of touch with each other
  • Poor boundaries with each other
  • Unbalanced energy or total lack of energy throughout entire team
  • Team not engaged with each other, their work, or the company
  • More frustration and manipulation than cooperation.

As you consider the Profitability of your business,  I would challenge you to think about it through the lens of Passion.  Is your business the source of blessing to others? I have always believed that part of my responsibility as a business owner was to be in essence a human particle accelerator, to help spin them out further than they may have believed possible.  To prepare them to be leaders wherever they go and to encourage them to always be growing.  

Sure, a business has to make money.  No cash, no business. But if we rethink how we define success, define profit, and focus on the real world impact we are making with our Passion, we will not only create a great business but will make a powerful difference in the lives of everyone we touch.  As business leaders, we have so much that we can do to contribute to a better world. My Passion is to contribute better leaders for future generations by training others to train others how to lead with love.


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