Happy 2020! The Year Of Simplicity

Wow. Another decade gone. Hard to believe.

I lost several dear friends and family during those 10 years and I also found many beautiful new ones. As I look to the next decade full of hope and love, I have chosen one word to guide my journey towards 2030:


The pace that we are on, as we enter 2020, is not sustainable or fun.

The distractions are growing like weeds and everything is competing for our attention.


Consider this:

Until 1900 human knowledge doubled approximately every CENTURY,

By 1945 it was doubling every 25 years,

By 1982 it was doubling every 12-13 months.

In 2020 - as in NOW - it is doubling every 12 hours!

That is INSANE!

Which makes my quest for Simplicity more like my commitment to maintaining my own sanity.

The first way I have chosen to incorporate Simplicity in my life is to launch 2 new weekly blogs. Remember I said Simple. Not Easy.

As of today I am committing to publishing two articles a week. This will provide a simple schedule, create a great rhythm and keep me accountable for delivering everything on time.

They will be short and easy to finish in 3 minutes or less.

I can't promise that they will be inspiring and insightful but I can promise that they will all be sincere.

[email protected] every Tuesday

Each Tuesday I'll be taking a close look at our life at work. From every angle. What goes on during the 90,000 hours we will work over the course of our lifetime? How does the quality of those hours affect us and everyone around us? How do you deal with a Toxic Boss? How do you know when it's time to call it quits? How do you ask for raise? We will review the Foundations of a Healthy Business as well as the Responsibilities of a Certified Groove Enhancer! And anything and everything that makes up our #[email protected]

[email protected] every Sunday

Each week we will shine the spotlight on real love, actually at work! Not rainbows and unicorns or Valentines day hearts, but REAL LOVE, ACTUALLY AT WORK!

Each week I will recognize an Honorary Groove Enhancer.

Great stories of leaders around the world who are leading from their hearts. Regardless of their titles, or rank, or age! These are the leaders of the future - those that lead from within, from the bottom up. They are anything but pushovers.


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  • A road map to end burnout for good. It's not easy, but it is simple ;)

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Wishing you a healthy, prosperous, peaceful and simple 2020!



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