[email protected] 5 : Surviving Burnout

Burnout is not inevitable. It is, in fact, a choice.  For me it was a choice that nearly destroyed everything around me.  While it may not have been a conscious choice, it was still very much a decision.  A decision to stay locked in a prison of my own mind.  Trying to achieve or become something that I was not.  Trying, in vain, to become someone who I was never intended to be.  

My spiral downward into burnout seemed innocent enough.  Trying to earn more money, more career opportunities, more recognition, etc.  But at the end of the day the consequences far exceeded the rewards.  In fact, my drive to try and become something, someone, that I was never intended to be, destroyed everything I was pretending to protect. 

It took several years of reflection, of introspection, to create the "Definitive" Guide To Surviving Burnout.  I don't claim to have all of the answers or a cure for burnout, I simply took the time to document what worked for me.  If it happens to work for you as well, I could not be happier. I learned many years ago that my biggest challenges are my biggest gifts, so I have chosen to share this gift with you, or those that you may know who are struggling with burnout as well.

I also created a 7 lesson "Workshop" that was designed to help you leverage the content of the "Definitive" Guide in a more personal and detailed way than merely trying to apply the content from a pdf!  If you or someone you know is dealing with Burnout, I strongly encourage you. . . or them . . . to enroll in this Workshop and save $300! TODAY.   

It is full of details surrounding the art and science of surviving burnout, specifically as it relates to my journey through and out of burnout!

Join me in the 7 Lesson Burnout Recovery Workshop for ONLY $97 today and save $300! 

You can survive burnout and get on with the life you deserve today! 


Let's recover, together!  

To your best self, 





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The Definitive Guide To Surviving Burnout

In this Workshop you'll learn about the source of BURNOUT, how to eliminate it and how to prevent it from ever happening again!