Why I Hate Network Marketing and Why There's Never Been A Better Time to Get Involved!


Why I Hate It!

Just the words Network Marketing make me cringe!

The interwebs are full of stories where really good people with pure intentions have gotten burned by buying into something that they felt at the time was too good to be true, only to find out it really was!

Having to invest lots of money and harass friends and family to do the same - for a product that they didn't even know existed before!  Too many people have fallen victim to these sleazy organizations and they have rightly deserved the reputation that they have in the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world.

Now Consider This.

Contrast that with the fact that 3 of the most successful men in the world are heavily invested and PASSIONATE about Network Marketing

  1. Warren Buffett – With a net worth of over $66 billion, Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in the world. He is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and a prominent investor and philanthropist.

With all of his successful investments, you may be surprised that Buffett calls purchasing a network marketing company “the best investment I’ve ever made.” Berkshire Hathaway owns three of the most successful network marketing companies in the world: The Pampered Chef, Kirby (manufacturer of vacuum cleaners sold door-to-door), and World Book (creator of the famous encyclopedia series.)

  1. Robert Kiyosaki – Author of the popular financial literacy book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki has demonstrated his commitment to helping ordinary people turn into successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. His net worth of over $80 million makes him a credible source for financial wisdom and business tips.

Robert Kiyosaki has spoken at length on several occasions about the advantages of multi-level marketing. Over 10 years ago, he appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to explain why people should join a network marketing organization. Since those first appearances, he’s gone on to write a book entitled The Business of the 21st Century, detailing how to build a successful network marketing company. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I’d taken Robert Kiyosaki’s advice 10 years ago!

And last but not least consider this , one of my role models:

  1. Richard Branson – The British businessman and investor Richard Branson has amassed a personal wealth of over $5 billion on the strength of his company, Virgin Group. The Virgin Group includes several famous organizations including Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile, and the Virgin Atlantic airline. Few entrepreneurs have such a strong track record with new and varied business ventures.

One branch of the Virgin Group that often goes unmentioned is Vie at Home, a network marketing company formerly known as Virgin Vie. Vie at Home made over $60 million its first year of existence, proving that you can find immediate success in network marketing.

Why There's Never Been A Better Time to Get Involved!

In One Word:

Disrupting the entire Network Marketing Industry - among other things - the charismatic and inimitable Visionary and Founder of iBuumerang - the one and only Mr Holton Buggs is taking everything that I HATE about Network Marketing and flipping it on it's head! 

For example : 

  • There is NOTHING TO SELL...EVER!!!
  • The only way to MAKE money is helping others SAVE money.
  • There is NO PRODUCT to make.
  • There is NO MONTHLY AUTO-SHIP requirement.
  • The Leadership Team is the epitome of INTEGRITY.

I have never been as impressed by an organization, it's leadership and it's potential to impact the lives of millions of people around the world as I am about iBuumerang.

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