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[email protected] 4 : The Wizard of Westwood : John Wooden

When I first set out to be an entrepreneur I avoided most business books and gurus choosing instead to study the best coaches in professional and collegiate sports.    I have always been fascinated by the idea that business is a team sport and is really a series of small games anyway....

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[email protected] 1 : Herb Kelleher and Southwest Airlines

There was not a moment of hesitation in choosing the first Honorary Groove Enhancer. One individual stood out miles above the crowd and for good reason.

The inimitable Herb Kelleher, CEO of Southwest Airlines (1931-2019) RIP!

The moment I became an entrepreneur, Herb became my role model. He was...

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Happy 2020! The Year Of Simplicity

Wow. Another decade gone. Hard to believe.

I lost several dear friends and family during those 10 years and I also found many beautiful new ones. As I look to the next decade full of hope and love, I have chosen one word to guide my journey towards 2030:


The pace that we are on, as we...

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