Spring Hiring Camp

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In This One-Of-A-Kind LIVE 4 Week Training Camp

Here's What You'll Get:

The 7 Essential Steps to Successful Hiring

Step 1 - Be Prepared

Success is 90% Preparation.  You'll be ready to hire before you ever post.  In fact, if you wait until you have a position open before you post, you've waited to long!  We'll cover:

Do you REALLY need to hire now?

How much to offer in compensation?

What is the REAL cost of the new employee?

How will you measure success?

Do you have Clearly Defined Expectations?

Step 2 - Post The Position

The job posting itself is the very first place to start building your culture. 

What types of candidates will it attract? 

Where will you post it? 

Is it Professional? Inspiring? Goofy? Sterile?

Step 3 - Qualify the Candidates

Next we sort through the resumes and cover letters to determine who to invite for an interview and then after the interview(s) how to determine the BEST candidates.  We will learn how to test for Character, Competence and Chemistry.

Step 4 - Mastering the Interview

We will learn the art and science of interviewing for great team mates.  Understanding the purpose behind each TYPE of interview and the desired outcome of each is essential.

Think of it as a COURTSHIP, you will be entering into a relationship with the new team member so being thorough, deliberate and patient is crtical.

NEVER FORGET - Every Applicant is a Potential Client!

Step 5 - The Offer

If the interview process is a courtship then the offer is, literally, the PROPOSAL.  We will look at how and when to propose and everything that needs to be considered before signing your name to it.

You would never marry someone you're not in love with, so don't hire someone you're not in love with.

Step 6 - Effective Training

The First Day of Work is the actual WEDDING.  We will go back to Step One and make sure we are prepared for their very first day.  This is a critical step to help them feel competent , authentic and connected.

Invest in training your team to be world class.  Create a training passport and resist only delivering random acts of training.

Step 7 - Grow Your Team

Don't worry about building a business , focus on building people.  Then your people will build the business. 

We will focus on how to provide personal and professional growth for your team.  Encouraging the growth of each team member , the team as a whole and as a result your bottom-line.

DFY -  Tools and Resources

Job Descriptions and Job Postings

The Best Interview Questions

Best companies for background and credit checks

Essential checklists for qualifying your candidates.

Clearly Defined Team Expectations

New Hire Checklists

And much more...

Weekly Live Calls on Zoom

We meet weekly in a small group to be sure you get the individual attention that you need to focus on building YOUR team.  These are interactive working sessions NOT Lessons.

Bring your job descriptions, postings, resumes, etc and we will review them together to ensure you are getting the best candidates possible!

All Access Exclusive Members Area

You'll Pre-recorded Lessons, Homework and Quizzes.  Released a week before our LIVE Call together to give you the time to watch the lesson at your convenience.   Then come prepared to work during our LIVE Work Sessions together!

"If you are truly interested in building a great team, in having an extraordinary company culture, and developing employees into assets, then this is going to be an invaluable learning experience."

John Salva
Impact Physio ~ Scranton, PA

"Do it! It is well worth it and will help you build the tools you need to create the environment, team culture, and practical steps to move your business forward. I am very thankful I did as I come out feeling good about how to move forward from here while knowing there is much work to be done. thanks Todd!"

Clark Tanner
Thrive Physical ~ Therapy Richmond, VA

"I wish I would have had this information when I began my business. I was completely unprepared on how to deal with employees and this has been the most dreadful part of being a business owner. I have a long way to go, but I feel much more prepared with information that I have been provided. It is never to late to make positive changes."

Ashley Fontenot Hornsby
Thrive Physical Therapy ~ Lake Charles, Louisiana

"This is material that you will NEED to learn one way or another in order to have the company culture that you want, to have happy employees and be happy as a business owner yourself. Although I don't have any employees yet, I can see that it will be much better for everyone involved, and for the business, to learn it all this way, rather than the hard way, through experience. Why re-invent the wheel? It's much better to learn from Todd and all of his experience, passion, and heart."

Debbie Cohen PT, MS, CSCS, COMT, WCS.
Fundamental Physical Therapy & Pelvic Wellness. San Diego, CA

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